Devonshire Road Evangelical Church

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What We Believe
We Believe: that God, the Creator of everything that exists, has made himself known through the Bible;
that the Bible was written by human authors under the guidance of Godís Spirit;
that it is trustworthy and is the authority to be followed for both faith and practice.
We Believe: that God has made himself known supremely in his Son, Jesus Christ;
that God's eternal Son became a human being in order to die to take away our sins;
that he was raised to life, was seen by more than 500 believers and then went up into heaven;
that he is coming again as Judge.
We Believe: that God's Spirit resides in everyone who belongs to the Lord Jesus.
We Believe: that everyone who, by personal faith, belongs to the Lord Jesus has the forgiveness of sins, peace with God and eternal life.